Kountze Lions at Corrigan-Camden Bulldogs

Enterprise staff
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The Corrigan-Camden Bulldogs are looking to earn their first win at this Friday’s homecoming matchup against the Kountze Lions.

After consecutive losses on the road against two power rushing teams, Bulldog head coach Seven Armstrong expects a more favorable matchup at home versus the Lions. The team hopes to repeat their victory from last season at Kountze, while also improving their performance from the last two weeks.

“[Kountze] is a very talented football team, but I think they have some weaknesses in areas that we have to exploit.” said Armstrong. “We are hoping to step up on the offensive and defensive lines. That is where our advantage needs to take place. So far, we have not done that yet in our two losses. It’s time for us to win the line of scrimmage.”

Friday will also be the Bulldogs’ first home game, which Armstrong believes would be a perfect time to earn the first victory of the regular season.

“Hopefully we’re going to go out there and play well in front of a homecoming crowd.” Armstrong said. “Maybe we will be in a comfort zone and be able to do the things that we have done in practice. It is still all about performing better in a game.”

Although the Bulldogs bettered the Lions in a 69-32 win last season, Armstrong is not underestimating the big-play ability of the Kountze offense this time around.

Offensive rushing threats will come from Lion senior quarterback Jeremiah Barker, junior running back Keyshawn Adams, and freshman back Antonius Arline. The players will likely move the ball utilizing a triple option, which Armstrong is familiar with.

“They have players that can carry the football and can go the distance at anytime. Their athletes are going to be able to put us in a bad situation and we have to contain. They play a three-back backfield with a lot of option. We have to be very disciplined on defense and made sure we are taking care of our responsibilities. This will be a different brand of game. We have seen two power teams and now we are seeing more of a finesse-type run. We have to make sure we turn it into a power game.”

While the Lions also have playmakers on the defensive side, Armstrong believes his team will be in better shape to play strong all four quarters on Friday.

“Their defense is big upfront, but their main players, [Adams and Arline,] will be on the edge as outside linebackers. They have a lot of players playing on both sides like we do. Coming down in the fourth quarter, we are hoping to have the advantage as far as conditioning.”

The Bulldogs will still need to correct offensive mistakes from the first two games that racked-up costly penalties and turnovers. Armstrong hopes to get the most out of this week’s practices, with more focus on fixing those mental errors on the field.

“Anything you do, if you want to get good at it, has to do with repetition.” Armstrong said. “You have to do the same thing over and over until it becomes a habit. Right now, we have not developed good habits.”

Kountze held a 3-7 overall record last season and finished sixth in District 11-3A Div. I. However, the Lions had a good start this year by defeating the Hull-Daisetta Bobcats 35-6 on the road last Friday. This Friday’s homecoming game at Bulldog Stadium will start at 7:30 p.m.