Goodrich fills vacancy, halts mayor’s salary

GOODRICH -- An alderman position, salary for the mayor and the Christmas festival were main topics of discussion at June’s meeting of the Goodrich City Council.

With Carol Stephens in attendance, the council had the opportunity to ask what she envisioned for the future of the city. She was soon after approved for the vacant Position 4 seat.

“I am a part of the city now,” Stephens said. “I have been here now for a year from January. I am now a homeowner here. I think we are on the right track. I don’t want us to become a boomtown, but we need to pursue some other entities to get them into our city little steps at a time. I am a small-town girl. I am from Livingston. Goodrich has been a part of my life all of my life.”

The council now has all five (six including mayor) members. Stephens has experience on boards and councils, and has worked in real estate. The position was held by Kelly Nelson before she was elected mayor in May.

“We had talked about it in closed session previously with the attorney,” Nelson said. “She was the only one that was interested. We asked numerous people in the community.”

Council also discussed the cessation of pay for the mayor. A salary for the mayor’s position was approved two years ago, while Jeremy Harper filled that role. Nelson asked that the salary be eliminated.

“I cannot give the time that (former Mayor) Jeremy (Harper) gave,” Nelson said. “With my work, there is no way. I didn’t feel comfortable taking that money. I don’t deserve it. If I could devote the time that he did, then maybe. But I can’t.”

Also discussed was a date for the Christmas in Goodrich festival. Weather kept the festival from occurring last year. In 2015, a parade stretched the entirety of Loop 393, and the festival had food vendors and activities for those in attendance.

The date selected by council was Dec. 2. A budget of $5,000 — as was the year prior — was discussed as well.
“It is basically going to have to be that Saturday,” Nelson said. “The second (Saturday) is Livingston, the third is Trade Days, and the next is just two days before Christmas.”

Council hired Margarita Garcia to fill in while the city secretary is away. Garcia cleans the city hall building and helped with the previous election.