Rangers investigating death of jail inmate

Source: FacebookLIVINGSTON -- The death of an inmate while in custody of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is currently under investigation by the Texas Rangers.
Antwuan Tremain Bogany, 32, was pronounced dead at a Kingwood hospital Friday morning after reportedly becoming ill the previous night as an inmate at the Polk County Jail.

According to initial reports from Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack, the incident began Thursday night when Bogany started to complain about an illness shortly after participating in physical activity.

Bogany was first transported to CHI St. Luke’s Memorial in Livingston Friday morning, then later life-flighted to a Kingwood hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

As the inmate’s family mourns their loss, they are demanding answers from county officials on why Bogany did not receive immediate medical attention late Thursday. Bogany’s mother, Judy Bogany, stated that she was first notified that night by relatives inside the jail about her son’s illness.

“I have family members also in the jail that called to tell us they were pushing my son in a wheelchair and he was slumped over,” Judy Bogany said.
According to the mother, jail officials did not give sufficient information over the phone on her son’s condition until one employee referred to the illness as possible “dehydration.” Judy asked that her son immediately be sent to an emergency room, but the request was denied and he was kept under observation at the jail.

Bogany was later transported to CHI St. Luke’s Friday morning around the time Judy arrived at the jail to check on his condition. Judy said she was shocked to find her son already in critical condition at the Livingston hospital.

“When I got to the jail, they said that he was already at the emergency room,” she said. “When I finally got to see him, they had him on the defibrillator, but to me…it seemed like my son had already died. The doctor there said his blood pressure was so high, that he busted a blood vessel.”
Bogany’s was transported to the Kingwood hospital, where his family waited hours before doctors informed them he no longer had any brain activity and was officially pronounced as deceased.

“When we asked one of the nurses in Livingston if he had any brain activity, she said ‘I don’t know,’” she said. “They did a CAT scan so how could they not know? I think he was already dead before going to Kingwood…The entire county is responsible for this because they are supposed to be there to protect us.”

Bogany had been incarcerated at the jail since his Aug. 29 arrest from drug charges by the sheriff’s office, which included three felonies and two misdemeanors.

The Department of Public Safety released a statement on Tuesday stating that the Texas Rangers will present their findings to the Polk County District Attorney’ Office for review at the conclusion of their investigation and no additional information is officially available at this time.

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