Polk County deputies given ‘high risk’ training


LIVINGSTON – Officers with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department recently went through a high risk training program to expose them to a variety of situations that hopefully will not occur on a regular basis.

According to Sheriff Kenneth Hammack, members of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office training staff with the assistance from Americare EMS have developed an in-service training program designed to instruct officers on “High Risk / Low Frequency” scenarios.  

These high risk situations range from felony traffic stops to active shooters and building clearing.  The events are often low frequency of occurrence to the average law enforcement officer and training in these areas has been limited. This training exposes deputies to a wide range of tactics and responses to the situations.  

The training was separated into two events lasting three full days each and involved the majority of Polk County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Divisions.

In addition to the high risk training, the deputies were trained in Policy and Procedures, Texas State Law and United States Constitution on many different pressing issues in today’s society such as, dealing with the open carry of weapons, use of force, family violence, child abuse, officer involved shootings and much more.  

Americare EMS provided training on Buddy Aid and applying life saving techniques in the field along with medic escorting into active shooter situations.  The Polk County District Attorney’s Office provided a prosecutor to assist with some courtroom testimony and case presentation training.

The training was conducted at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Training Room, Livingston Volunteer Fire Department Training Field, Polk County Courthouse and the Polk County Courthouse Annex in Livingston.  

Hammack plans to have an in-service training similar to this once a year at different locations in Polk County. Future locations for the training will be focusing on school districts and high occupancy buildings.

PCSO-training-1ADVANCING UP A STAIRWELL — Part of the high risk training provided to Polk County deputies involved techniques such as advancing up stairs.

PCSO-training-3ARREST PROCEDURES — Resent high risk training given to officers with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office included arrest procedures.

PCSO-training-2HIGH RISK TRAINING — Polk County deputy sheriffs recently were given training in how to handle high risk situations.

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