Hiring schedule outlined for new OSB plant


CORRIGAN - Representatives from the RoyOMartin oriented strand board plant now under construction in Corrigan hosted a special town hall event Tuesday, discussing the company’s core values and commitment to the local community as it seeks to employ 165 workers by April 2017.

Hundreds of potential job-seekers were in attendance at Corrigan-Camden High School to find out what positions are available and the company’s hiring schedule.

“Coming up in September, we will have our first career fair and hire our first round of production team members. In January 2017, we will hire another round of production, plus maintenance team members. In April 2017, we will hire our final round of production team members,” said Human Resources Manager Cheri Marsischky.

In total, the Corrigan facility is expected to directly employ 165 workers. All open positions can be applied for through the Texas Workforce Commission ( and are listed at In addition to direct employees, the new plant also is expected to hundreds of other jobs in related industries such as logging and trucking.

Vice President of OSB and Corporate Safety Director Terry Secrest opened the presentation with a brief history of the Louisiana-based company, started by Roy O. Martin Sr. in 1923 during the height of the local timber industry.

“In the 1920s, the timber industry in Louisiana and East Texas was the same,” said Secrest. “Every small town had a sawmill and lumber was king. Martin found an opportunity in Alexandria, Louisiana to purchase a small sawmill and a few acres of land to go into business. We have been continuously operated and owned by the Martin family for over 92 years.”

As the company maintained its Louisiana facilities past the U.S. housing bubble in 2007, it also saw potential in expanding its OSB operation to Texas.

“We knew one day this housing market would improve and there would come a time where there was a shortage of panels to build houses with. We decided to think in thefuture and build this facility,” Secrest said. “Why Corrigan? First, we are close to all the major markets in Texas. Second, a readily available supply of timber. Third, we felt like the people around this area were much like the people we have grown our business with in Louisiana.”

Secrest also explained the value-driven system of the RoyOMartin work environment, which is summarized from the word “R.I.C.H.E.S.”

“Respect: We respect each and every human being because we believe they are uniquely created by God.
“Integrity: We deal every business interaction with integrity.
“Commitment: We have a very strong commitment not only to our family shareholders, but to our team members and our community.
“Honesty: We are honest in all of our transactions inside the company and out. We, in turn, expect that type of honesty from those that deal with us.
“Excellence: Our company is committed to excellence in each and every thing that we do.
“Stewardship: We are strongly committed to stewardship and education opportunities for our team members.

“R.I.C.H.E.S. has nothing to do with money. It has to do with riches of spirit and the type of people we are,” Secrest added.

RoyOMartin-Town-HallTOWN HALL MEETING – Officials with the RoyOMartin company hosted a meeting this week in Corrigan to discuss the company and the planned hiring schedule. Pictured above are (L-R) Vice President of OSB and Corporate Safety Director Terry Secrest, Production Manager Michelle Driscoll, Director of Human Resources Donna Bailey, Human Resources Manager Cheri Marsischky, Denise Adams of WorkForce Solutions Deep East Texas, Director of OSB Manufacturing Marty Neiswender and Maintenance Manager Mike Schalau.