Construction of OSB plant moving forward


Officials from the RoyOMartin facility in Corrigan hosted a media reception Tuesday, discussing how the company plans to develop its own community workforce through various education and apprenticeship programs.

“We are not only growing trees. We are growing people,” said Donna Bailey, RoyOMartin director of human resources. “That, I believe, is the secret to our success and sustaining this company throughout all these generations.”

Corrigan was selected last year as the location for a new oriented strand board (OSB) plant, which is expected to employ 165 workers. The facility will complement the company’s existing OSB plant in Oakdale, Lousiana.

According to Bailey, the existing RoyOMartin facilities have already succeeded in helping its employees become skilled in all aspects of production as potential team leaders.

“Skilled labor is something that every company struggles to find.” said Bailey. “So we decided to grow our own.”

Starting in August, the company will first hire 32 production team workers for initial cleanup. By spring of next year, that number will grow to 88 workers that will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge in the various work systems.

RoyOMartin University is the company’s in-house education program that trains employees to become future leaders within the company. During this training, the employees are exposed to all aspects and levels of work to obtain a leadership position. When the workers test out of a particular position, they receive a pay raise under the “Pay for Knowledge and Skills” program, or PKS.

Woodworks is a one-year high school program designed to help students transition into potential employment with the company. At the end of the program, the students attend a job fair where they could receive a job offer from RoyOMartin. The Texas-certified program will soon be expanding to Livingston, Corrigan, Chester and Diboll.

“We’re working diligently to connect with this knowledge generation and other generations to give them a long, successful career.” Bailey said.

RoyOMartin will host a public town hall meeting with more information on the company’s available positions and hiring process Aug. 2 at Corrigan-Camden High School.

royomartin-3The press pit area at the RoyOMartin oriented strand board (OSB) facility near Corrigan is part of the massive construction project now underway. Forms are being built for concrete walls that will surround the pit. When the plant is completed next year, it is expected to directly employ 165 workers and generate hundreds of other jobs in logging, trucking and other associated industries.

royomartin-1Pictured are Andritz wood processing cranes being assembled at the RoyOMartin facility in Corrigan. The cranes will be used to unload log trucks.

royomartin-2Construction workers build structural forms, which will be filled with concrete to form a wall that will support storage bins for wood strands.

royomartin-5The office building at the RoyOMartin Corrigan location was constructed using the company's own oriented strand board (OSB) product, which is exposed along the inside walls. OSB is a dimensionally-stable structural-wood panel made by arranging strands in cross-oriented layers.

royomartin-4Representatives from RoyOMartin pictured left to right: from left to right: Michael Schalau, maintenance manager; Donna Bailey, director of human resources, Cheri Marsischky, human resources manager, Leigh Ann Purvis, creative development manager, Michelle Driscoll, production manager and Jamie Carlile, purchasing supervisor.