Goodrich water rates increased

Enterprise staff
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GOODRICH -- Goodrich residents can expect a slight increase in their water bill after a vote by the Goodrich City Council Thursday night.
Council voted 4-1 in favor of a $5 hike on city water bills. The money will go to cover the higher cost of providing water since the city’s last water bill adjustments nearly a decade ago.

“Everyone agreed on $5 total,” council member Marlene Arnold said. “That will create us being able to have enough income to be able to pay off the bills. Everything has gone up in price and our price has not increased in about nine years. Our pumps have all gone up and every piece of equipment that we have had to reorder has gone up in price to us. Therefore, we are having to look at raising that cost. We felt like that would help with the finances a bit, but we tried to keep it the least amount that we possibly could.”

The average water bill is around $23 in Goodrich and the city currently has 239 customers.

Though no action was taken, council also discussed the long-standing LivCom franchise fee item. Information has been requested from the City of Livingston regarding their current pact with LivCom.

In 1982, Star Cable began acquiring customers in Goodrich. At that time, the city council adopted an ordinance stating that Star Cable and its successors were permitted to come into the city of Goodrich for cable television. They were to pay a five percent franchising fee. However, since that time, Star Cable sold the business to Suddenlink. From there, it has become Versalink, and finally LivCom.

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