GISD reviews cost estimates Construction work set to begin

GOODRICH -- The Goodrich ISD Board of Trustees was presented with budget estimates for the district’s major construction project and approved a proposed tax rate to be discussed during a public hearing set for Thursday, Aug. 24.

During its last public meeting Thursday, representatives from Cox Contractors presented budget estimates and options on the upcoming construction project that was approved by the 2016 bond election. The project involves the construction of a new science lab facility, updated roofing on five existing buildings and window replacement on the historically-designated school building.

The estimates are based on preliminary plans and instructions provided by architecture firm, Goodwin, Lassiter and Strong in coordination with roofing consultants and the Texas Historical Commission.
The new 4,650 square foot science lab building will match the existing library with metal roofing and wall panels, brick accent, two lab classrooms, two single occupant restrooms, corridor and storage room. The minimum budget estimate for the science lab is $775,000, with a maximum amount estimated at $825,000.

The roofing replacement will consist of a new 60 mil single-ply PVC roofing membrane with a 20-year warranty installed at the new elementary, cafeteria, field house, administration building and staff gym building. The minimum estimated budget for that project is $165,000, with a maximum estimated amount of $185,000.

Window replacement on the old school building will involve three options, with the first option based on the district’s decision to keep designation by the Texas Historical Commission. The remaining options have a lower estimated budget, but would not comply with the historical commission’s standards to keep the designation marker.

The first option consists of selective replacement based the historical commission’s involvement. This includes replacement of the rotten/damaged wood at the window sashes, re-glazing and replacing broken panes and repainting of the window. The minimum estimated budget is $280,000, with a maximum estimated amount of $300,000.

Option two involves removal of the existing windows and replacing them with an all vinyl insert replacement with simulated divided lite inside the glass panels, using Low-E coated glass. The minimum budget estimated is $180,000, with a maximum amount estimated at $190,000.
The third option consists of the removal of the existing windows and replacing them with aluminum storefront. The storefront windows would be white factory finish with simulated lite for the full opening size.

All option estimates do not include any interior finish work and damage to the wall framing. A significant portion of this work will not be quantified until the existing walls are opened to review the extent of water damage. The estimated budget of $150,000 should be added to any of the available options.

Cox Contractors are expecting completion of the entire construction project by fall 2018.
During the action agenda, the board officially approved a proposed tax rate and set a public hearing to adopt the rate and the final 2017-2018 school budget. The meeting will take place Thursday, Aug. 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Goodrich ISD Administration Building.

The proposed rate includes a maintenance and operations tax of $1.17 per $100 is assessed value and a school debt service tax of $0.1609 per $100.

The proposed budget includes a 5.12 percent increase from last year in maintenance and operations and a 13.23 percent increase in debt service.

Also during action items, the board moved forward with a financial agreement to purchase a new Chevy Suburban SUV that would be utilized only by administration staff. The total price of the SUV will be $39,715, with four annual payments of $11,153 at an interest rate of 4.821 percent.

The board also approved the 2017-2018 Student Handbook, Code of Conduct Handbook and T-TESS Appraisal Calendar during action items on Thursday.