Corrigan approves billing software

UDS LogoThe Corrigan City County approved a contract for new utility billing and expense software at a cost of about $6,800 during their meeting last week.
City Manager Darian Hardman reported that since the city implemented new accounting software, they needed to update the other software to be more compatible with the new system. Hardeman pointed out the municipal court has been using the system being recommended for the utility billing and expenses for some time and it merges perfectly with the new accounting software.

In addition to the initial cost, Utility Data Systems of Texas will have a yearly maintenance fee to be determined once all facets are functioning normally.
Municipal Judge Wayne Yankie told council he’s been working with this company for quite some time now and is quite satisfied with their product and the work. Council voted to enter into a contract for the new software by unanimous vote.

During the meeting, Hudman and City Secretary Connie Cosper also answered questions, as council reviewed the June financial statements. Hudman pointed out there were still some inconsistencies between the actual bank balance, which is higher in the bank, and the figures printed on the current sheet. He said the next item on the agenda would address it. After a thorough review, council accepted the financial reports for the month.

The department reports have expanded under Mayor Johnna Lowe Gibson’s leadership and Judge Yankie led off by saying his office had 10 alcohol-related cases in June, 46 misdemeanors that were not traffic, one city ordinance violation and 689 traffic cases adjudicated for a very busy court month. Yankie said two of his clerks have attended certification training in Austin and one of his part-time clerks has indicated they would like to take training at the next opportunity.

Police Chief Darrell Gibson reported they made 39 arrests in June, wrote 1,259 citations and responded to 251 calls for service. In addition, 22 new cases were worked and 27 cases were presented to the district attorney for prosecution. There were total of six accidents and no fatalities during the 30 days of June.
Volunteer fire department Lt. Thomas Spurlock reported total of 10 calls in June, three for structure fires, two for business structure fires, one jaws-of-life call to extract someone from a situation and four medical assistance calls. During the month, there were mutual aid responses from the Livingston, Scenic Loop and Onalaska volunteer fire departments related to the fire at the Corrigan-Camden Independent School District vocational education building. Spurlock thanked all other departments for their assistance in responding to these calls.

Gibson indicated she and Hudman have met with a grant writer to develop a request for funds to expand and revamp the sewer system. Hudman also reported he’s been meeting with county officials and FEMA representatives to get funds to repair some of the roads damaged by the spring rains.
When asked about the parks committee, Hudman said they have not met recently, but he has added some $7,000 to the parks and recreation fund for future use and that committee would be meeting in the near future. Councilman Thompson was insured she is on that committee.

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