Goodrich council eyes new community center

GOODRICH - The City of Goodrich will meet Thursday to discuss the proposed new community center and the purchase of a lift station on FM 1988.

The 6 p.m. meeting will take place in Goodrich City Hall at 1003 U.S. Highway State Loop 393.

Council will discuss the closing on the purchase of property for the community center that was approved at a cost of $25,000 approximately three weeks ago.

In the February of 2014 monthly meeting, the Goodrich City Council decided on a community center for its 2015-2016 Texas Community Development Block Grant application to the Department of Agriculture.

The $275,000 grant was approved for construction of a community center, which is expected to include a parking lot, picnic tables, grills, and playground equipment.

The 2,000-square foot center will be placed on the property, located on Loop 393 with 150 feet of frontage to the road. On the property’s south side, it will adjoin the General Dollar store that is currently under construction and expected to open around August.

A new lift station on FM 1988 for Gulf South will also be a subject of conversation. The council has contemplated adding Gulf South into the city limits.

In other items, the city will discuss disaster relief, the 2016-2017 budget and de-annexing four properties from the city.