GP mill nominated for Enterprise Zone

Enterprise staff
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CORRIGAN – In a meeting delayed a week due to weather, on Tuesday the Corrigan City Council voted to nominate the Georgia Pacific LLP plant in Corrigan for the Texas Enterprise Zone Program.

If accepted by the state into the program, the mill would be able to obtain state sales and use tax refunds based on the its capital investment at its facilities and the number of jobs created or retained at the site.

During the meeting the Georgia Pacific the mill manager spoke for the project, telling council that the two mills in the area have been good corporate citizens and they need this designation to continue to grow and provide employment for area residents.

City Manager Darrian Hudman advised council he has been in discussions with RoyOMartin Co. regarding the oriented strand board (OSB) plant being built just outside the Corrigan city limits and that they are working on a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Corrigan grant consultant David Waxman reported the reason for the MOU is primarily needed by council to make decisions on the city's sewage treatment plant. It was noted the plant is operating at near capacity and adding the OSB facility, when it comes on line, may cause it to reach maximum capacity. This would put any future development in the Corrigan area at a disadvantage.

With a MOU in place, the city can make informed decisions regarding the future need for waste disposal. Council voted to have Hudman continue working with the company on the matter.
Council members also voted to adhere to the vacation schedule passed by the Polk County Commissioners Court, taking the same holidays in 2016.

Financials reports and vouchers for October were reviewed and approved.

Council discussed the various nominees for the Polk Central Appraisal Board and cast their votes for Robert Newlin of Leggett.

Hudman reported the work on the north side by the plant and the south end are complete, the final cost was within the $40,000 budgeted. The Winterfest parade on Saturday, Dec. 5, will start at 10 a.m. from Corrigan West. Activities at city hall will begin at 2 p.m.

The tree lighting will be Thursday, Dec. 3, at 6:30 p.m. Children will be able to talk to Santa by ham radio, in the Webster-Seacrest building immediately afterwards.

Corrigan Volunteer Fire Department Lieutenant Thomas Spurlock reported only 11 incidents in October, including (one each) a grass fire, a motor vehicle accident, a downed powerline, a tree down and three medical assist calls. The department also attended the 100-year anniversary parade in Livingston honoring that department's history.

The CFVD has received another truck, a 2013 military type and also a $20,000 grant to make it a water taker vehicle. During the recent fire prevention week at the Corrigan-Camden Independent School District, they asked students to help name the new pumper that they received in the spring. Spurlock reported the department now has 36 members including three women that have joined recently, with more than 10 fire fighters coming out for each event.

Police Chief Darrell Gibson reported the department made 11 arrests and wrote 823 citations in October. They answered 248 calls, made 1,553 building checks and worked 27 cases, sending 10 to the district attorney's office for prosecution. There also were 14 accidents but no fatalities.
Gibson told the council that while drivers on U.S. 59 is doing better at the traffic light, it now appears that motorists on Hwy. 287 are running the signal and he personally had issued four citations this week in addition to what the other officers did. He said he cannot station an officer there 24/7 but they are collectively spending about six hours every day monitoring the intersection.