HOLIDAY DONATION -- A collection of vintage Happy Holidays Barbie dolls was donated to the Polk County Enterprise's Empty Stocking Program collection box on Wednesday. Donald Galloway of Livingston donated the special edition dolls in memory of his late wife Kathy Bond Galloway. The collection began with the original 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie purchased by Galloway as a Christmas gift to his wife and continued as a yearly tradition. The 20-box set consists of holiday and other special edition Barbies from the 1990s and early 2000s. The dolls will be distributed to local children as part of the Christmas Empty Stocking Program.

Royal Brigade heads to area UIL contests

LIVINGSTON -- Livingston High School's "Royal Brigade Band" is heading to the UIL Area Marching Band competition in Galena Park Saturday, Oct. 24. This is the second level of competition, resulting from the band earning three first division ratings during the 2015-2016 Region UIL Marching Band competition held at Port Neches Groves last Saturday.

The theme of the Royal Brigade show is "Dreams of Persia" and has proven to be mesmerizing during the halftime productions. "Dreams of Persia" allows the audience to take a trip to the Far East.

First, there is a visit to the mysterious "Bazaar." Then, a ride is taken on the "Flying Carpets," and a transition is made to finish with a performance by the mystic "Snake Charmer."

The show includes a number of props, costumes and activity. It is a unique story that was never before seen by the home crowd. The show includes 16 backdrops that create the City of Agrabah, flying carpets, snake charming flags and gypsy themed color guard uniforms. The Royal Brigade Band creates a fantasy world for the audience to be immersed both culturally and musically.

Royal Brigade Band Director Al Torres said, "This first division award belongs more than just to the band. It belongs to our school and more importantly, our community. It takes a village to be successful and with the help of our little village, along with the hard work and dedication of our band members, we were able to attain our goal."

Torres and the band staff strive to be outstanding role models and encourage the students in the program to be the best each year. The banner backdrops used in "Dreams of Persia" line the field, while other LHS student organizations assist with holding up the props, run with the magic carpets and the load and unload band equipment.

"We have a first division band, but more importantly, we are part of a first division community," Torres said. "We have many unsung heroes that helped the band that truly need to be recognized and applauded for their efforts and contribution to our show. The JROTC, Cheerleaders, and Student Council Members all contributed to our show and without them, none of this would be possible."

Onlaska’s half–triathlon hosts area’s top athletes

The start is not like a race. Swimmers lined up and slowly walked across the rubber matting that starts their individual time, as they finish at the other end after the bike ride and run, they also cross that mat for a final accounting.The start is not like a race. Swimmers lined up and slowly walked across the rubber matting that starts their individual time, as they finish at the other end after the bike ride and run, they also cross that mat for a final accounting.

Enterprise staff
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ONALASKA – A triathlon is not a traditional race. While there is a starting line and a finish line, each person wears a leg bracelet and their individual time starts and ends when they cross the line to start and complete the event. The test is not to see who wins; the test is to finish in a better time than the previous event in which you competed.

Sunday's third Onalaska half triathlon began with cool, for September, temperatures and ended with high eighties on a typical summer afternoon. Medals and awards are presented on an almost individual basis.

Each person participates in an age group and so there are many "winners." With over 100 of the 135 who started out in the swim event finishing, there did not seem to be any losers.

While Snapp was not the fastest swimmer (Amosky was), he led the bike ride by only a minute or so. However, he did set a torrid pace in the run and took overall top honors in the event.

Amosky, the fastest swimmer, took fifth in the bike ride and fourth in the run, dropping him to third.

Hot Days, Cool Water

Hot Days, Cool Water

HOT DAYS, COOL WATER— With the thermometer topping 100 degrees in recent days, many are taking the opportunity to cool off at the Livingston Municipal Pool located in Matthews Street Park. The pool is open from 1-5 daily except Saturdays when it is open from 1-6 p.m. (Albert Trevino Photo)

Special Visit to Library

Special Visit

SPECIAL VISIT -- Old Timer Raccoon and Ranger Daisy (left) were at Livingston Municipal Library to tell a story of her visit to the White House for President Abraham Lincoln's birthday party. In addition to story time, the children in attendance received their own "portrait" pennies of Lincoln and shared hugs with Old Timer Raccoon.