OISD hosts dinner honoring top 10 students

What's Up Onalaska?

by Lew Vail

I was privileged to be asked to attend the first ever "Honors Dinner" at OISD. This event featured 10 top academic students who had to submit an essay telling who their favorite educator was. Then the video department created a presentation on each one.

Also involved was the students from the cooking class, who served as wait-staff for the event. Dressed in white coats they provided what we used to call 'white glove service,' each just having one table to cater to. I have a stepson who worked his way thru U of H providing such service at the old Warwick's elegant dining room.

Morgan Jones chose Robyn Thornton for her educator, Erin Bennett chose Angela Kennedy, Dakota Foster selected Misty Strong, Danielle Mitschke and Annye Todd picked Kendal Todd, Jessica Claycomb honored Charles Boyce, Anthony Landsman named Vicky Nelson, Delany Hendrickson chose Adam Graham, Krista Lee picked Danna Mitschke and Toryn Foster said that Lynn Redden challenged her and changed her attitude. Wonderful event.

During the mayor's quarterly chamber of commerce meeting last Tuesday a citizen, Charles Collins, presented a large booklet of pages similar to a year book, except there were no photographs, just words of support, wisdom, thank you's galore. All for the Onalaska Police Department. Collins went from businesses to students and anyone else that wanted to sign. Chief Ron Gilbert and Captain Maddox along with officers Mike Gregson and Lee Parrish accepted it for the department.

Its Half Triathlon Time, well almost. Tina needs volunteers to signup to help handing out water and fresh fruit, both of which they purchase for the event. Need three teams for the bike ride over in San Jacinto County and I think she said six inside Canyon Park for the run. Maybe guarding the bikes during the swim and picking up towels when they pedal off toward the big bridge. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Time to sign up for the summer reading program at Onalaska Library. Contact Sherry Brecheen at 936-646-BOOK (3665). Learn about heroes and meet and listen to stories from local heroes. There are stories and books to read for children of all ages; adults are encouraged to attend with their children. Its every Tuesday starting June 16. Contact Brecheen to register.
I found very good 300 to 500 mm zoom lens for Nikon cameras on Amazon. Clicked the "will it work with my camera" button, and it said it would. So I scrimped and saved and ordered it from an individual and it came pretty quickly and guess what, it did not auto focus. He did not tell me he knew this. The new version will auto focus but his was an older lens. Made contact to return it and he said, nanana, you got it it's yours.

So I tried to return it to Amazon to take a small rip and have credit for the next round. Well, since it was used and I did not have 'original packaging' they rejected it. What to do, what to do? I resurrected my Nikon D70 from the old days and if it produced a photo of good enough quality for the paper. It will be a white heron standing on the almost submerged dock at Sandy Creek. There are turtles with him, flowers in the foreground, and he is checking for a meal. I could not have shot this due to bushes that have flowers blocking the view any closer to him. Glad I saved the old friend, I was thinking of selling it to a beginner to learn photography.

Remember the adult vacation bible school June 2, 3 &4 at 7 p.m. at Onalaska Methodist church, 936-646-5898 for more information. Its based on the old TV program, "Mayberry RFD."

Birthdays: May 28 - Bennie Langston and Willie Openshaw; May 30 - Les Simpson; May31 - Emily Chance and Billy Jordan; June 2 - Bob Price; and June 3 - Onalaska City Secretary Angela Stutts. Happy birthday one and all.

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