SPCA launches challenge

spca polk countyLIVINGSTON – In an effort to become more financially stable, the SPCA of Polk is launching a “Million Dollar Challenge” to the residents of Polk County and all its supporters.

According to SPCA leaders, the group struggles each month to cover its bills so it can keep the doors open and continue to provide shelter and find “Forever Homes” for over 400 animals a year. A lot of time which could be spent taking care of the animals and working to find them homes has to be spent on raising money to keep on the lights, buy dog food, pay kennel help, vet bills, insurance, maintenance, etc.

“If just 100 people would donate $100 for 100 months it would guarantee that all our operating expenses would be covered, vet bills paid & food provided for the 100 plus animals in our care at any one time,” said Carl Feren, executive director of the organization.

Those who would like to help the SPCA reach its goal of $1 million in pledges are asked to call 936-327-7722 and ask for Carl. Those who cannot afford $100 a month may pledge any amount they can and it will help get the organization closer to its goal.

The SPCA of Polk County is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers and receives no federal, state or local tax support, United Way funding nor any support from HSUS or ASPCA. The group relys on compassionate friends to continue its life-saving work.