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admitted. “I had been the chairman of the committee to  nd the dam and I had been shepherding the thing since 1957,” he added.
However, Welch said other government of cials mis- takenly took credit for the creation of the dake.
“I remember at those dedication ceremonies that Congressman Charles Wilson introduced Ralph Yarborough, then also a Congressman, by saying he had done so much and contributed much to the lake. That made me very angry because the federal gov- ernment not only didn’t help, but they acknowledged that they didn’t help,” Welch said.
Re ecting on the lake as it is today, Welch said that it is identical to what “everyone
1991 Lake-wide cleanup
LAKE CLEAN-UP – Volunteers Dale St. Clair and Dorothy Jozwiak of Memorial Point tackle the trash along the shores of Lake Livingston as part of the  rst lake-wide clean-up effort on Sept. 21,
We are truly blessed to have been a part of this community for
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hoped it would be. It’s a tre- mendous source of recreation and it has helped the industrial and economics of East Texas greatly,” he said.
“I think everyone has real- ized the economic boom it gave to East Texas and thou- sands of Houstonians have enjoyed its bene ts,” Welch said.
The lake also serves its other purpose, according to Wlch. “Houston’s water suply will be adequate for the next 50 years,” he said. “We’ll never have to build a dam again, he added.
The lake level will eventual- ly decrease to almost non-ex- istence, however, Welch said. “The water will be taken in greater amounts by Houston, but the lake should remain for about a century, which is the life span of the dam,” he said.
Editor’s note: May reported
that this lake would be a suf-  cient water supply for the city of Houston for the next 50 years, until 2026, and would dry up completely by 2068. He also reported the dam would be unusable by 2068. A Polk County Publishing Com- pany reporter questioned Mark Waters, Project Manager for Lake Livingston and Trinity River Authority (TRA) about these comments from 1976.
Do you think the dam will need to be replaced after 2068? It’s been almost 50 years to date, since the Lake was complete. The following is his response:
“There were feasibility studies done for the City of Houston before they paid ap- proximately $84 million for the land under the lake and for construction of the dam in the 1960s,” said Waters. “I have seen references noting
that if they could get at least 100 years of dependable water supply, then it would be an economically feasible venture.
What happens to lakes created by dams is that over time they eventually silt in. This is a naturally occurring phenomena as particles are picked up by moving water in the river and then dropped once the  ow slows down as it goes through the lake. Over time, the lake becomes more and more shallow due to this sedimentation. In 1991, the Department of the Interior conducted a Sedimentation Survey on Lake Livingston and found that after 20 years of usage, there was a 3.56 percent loss in total storage capacity of the lake. So, if you do the math, Lake Liv- ingston will last far longer at that rate of loss. Most of the loss that has occurred at this
time is in the upper area of the lake, where some loca- tions have become noticeably shallow over time, however, the main body of the lake has silted in very little and some areas have actually increased in depth.”
If you do the math, we have much closer to a 500-year lifespan at the current rate if silting in. Also, we have had
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rehab projects on electrical ap- plications, as well as structural aspects of the dam, and all
are inspected and maintained to keep the integrity of the dam extremely sound. I can promise you that the hydro- power facility currently being constructed would not be happening if there was any type of 100-year restriction or anything close to that.”
• AVON •
By Barbara White Polk County Beautiful. And it did take some coordination. She
It was billed as the very  rst lake-wide clean-up. On Sept. 21, 1991, residents from four counties – Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity and Walker – fanned out to clean the shoreline and waters of the 93,000-acre Lake Livingston.
It was a scene being repeated throughout the state, organized under the auspices of Texas Land Commissioner Garry Mauro’s Adopt-a-Beach program, at 26 lakes and along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.
Locally, the effort was coordinated by Faye Jackson of Keep
used that  rst joint effort to create a blueprint to use in future clean-ups.
Nearly 200 volunteers pitched in and collected 343 bags of trash from around Lake Livingston, along with loose items, such as tires, plastic bottles, plastic wrappings, glass bottles and aluminum cans dominated the types of trash collected. Alumi- num cans were separated for recycling, with the money going to the various beauti cation committees for use in future clean-up efforts.
The of cial collection numbers were probably just a drop in
the dumpster, as the enthusiasm was contagious and residents of many of the hundreds of subdivisions
around the lake tackled the trash along their own shores.
County commissioners supported the clean-up both individually and by providing dumpsters and hauling the trash to land lls in the respective counties. Cham- bers of Commerce in the four counties and the Lake Livingston Area Tourism Council also helped out to make that  rst joint effort 25 years ago a success.
Some folks turned the event into a party. At Pen- waugh Marina, which served as headquarters of the Polk County clean-up, there was a Trash Bash lunch for volunteers and certi cates and prizes were pre- sented by Joey Pedigo of Keep Polk County Beauti- ful and Bubba Haley of KETX Radio, who served as master of ceremonies. Country-western singer Ginny Lin Collins of Lufkin entertained the volunteers and, after hearing that another clean-up had been sched- uled for April, agreed to return for the spring clean-
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In addition to
offering his busi- ness as the clean- up headquarters, Penwaugh Marina owner Leonard Da- vis had racked up a fairly large long- distance telephone bill in organizing the activities and had also promoted the event in his 4 a.m. lake reports on KILT Radio
in Houston on the “Outdoor Show” with Bob Stephen- son Sr. and Bob
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